Woman slumps During Protest against her sack by Cross River State

PROTEST: This indeed a tragedy, if she had known that such a thing was going to happen to her, she would have stayed back.

This happened in Calabar yesterday, a woman slumped while protesting for her sack.

It all started last year, the governor of the state Mr. Ben Ayade had instructed the delisting of about 2500 staff from the payroll. He said that those sets of employees that worked between 2014 till 2019 did not go through the right procedure/process.

When he delisted their names from the payroll they thought it was a joke, until early this year, they were relieved of their duties. This made them resort to peaceful protest yesterday being the 21st of Sep,2020.

Woman slumps During Protest against her sack by Cross River State

During the protest yesterday, they blocked the access to the secretariat, saying that the governor’s act was unfair and also illegal.

Comrade Paul-Ajie Abang who led the protest said that if governor Ayade had listened to them, probably they would not have come out for the protest in the first place, he said that they gave the government a seven-day Ultimatum to take action, but they were silent, this led them to come out for the protest.

They did not just give government notice , they also met with  the head of the service and other stakeholders  in order to deliberate on the matter, but they kept quiet, that action triggered the anger of the staffs

During the peaceful protest, one of the staff, a woman, slumped. That resulted in another issue altogether, they suspended the protest to urgently attend to the woman in question.

What else can I say, a protest that was meant to be a peaceful one turned into another thing, because of one of the staffs that slumped during the process.

But sacking and delisting the names of a whole 2500 staff from the payroll is too much

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