Victor Moses contributes over £400,000 to former club Wigan, amid financial challenges due to the Coronavirus pandemic

Wow, Victor Moses at it again !!!!

He has made s very significant donation to support his former club, Wigan Athletic amid their financial struggles during the pandemic.

It was confirmed by the club supporters’ body. He said that the formal super eagle player has made a very significant financial contribution to the club, he said the donation will stop them from going into extinction.

This donation came in as a shock to them because the supporters have been trying to raise £750,000 to support the club this season, and they are now within £100,000 of the target after victor surprised them with an alert.

The supporters’ body went in saying that when victor Moses said that he was going to donate such a huge amount of money, he could not believe his ears, it came as a shock to all of them.

Caroline Molyneux, the chairperson of wigan Athletic supporters club said.

Victor Moses did not even want people to know that he did something like that, he just wanted to make the donation and remain anonymous but we simply had to make sure he gets the global recognition he deserves.

He continued saying that victor Moses’s contribution /donation has taken them past £650,00 and within £100,000 of their next target of £750,000. wow, this is so amazing!!.

The club as a whole continued thanking Victor Moses for his support.

He said that victor Moses is an excellent footballer, a true role model, and someone they love watching at the DW Stadium, he finalizes by saying that he will always be welcome back.

Victor Moses on his own side took to his tweeter handle to call for even more support to save the future of the 2013 FA cup winners.

He said that Wigan Athletic will always have a special place in his heart.

Moses finally said that he wants to do all he can with the help of others to protect the future of the club because the people of Wigan and everyone associated with the club have always been so good to him and his family.

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