Tyler Perry honored with Governors Award at 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards

TYLER PERRY: The worst thing that can happen to anyone in this life is to give up on oneself because of what people have to say or what they will say. Infact whatever that is said to you should be enough motivation to you .

whether you are doing good or bad, criticism is very certain, so the best way to do or achieve anything in this life is to remain focused irrespective of what people may say.

When Tyler Perry was starting it was in form of a joke, but today he was honored with the Governor’s Award at the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards.

Tyler Perry honored with Governors Award at 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards

Tyler perry is a 51 year old film maker , his foundation has reportedly received an Award in recognition of his work on inclusive and philanthropic efforts.

The award made him reflect on so many things, he made a brief speech in remembrance of how he started.

Tyler Perry reflected on the quilt that his grandmother had sewn for him, she gave him the quilt when he was going to the Los Angeles for the first time, the quilt portrays the key moments in the lives of his loved ones.

To his grandmother, the quilt also means that there were no patches for the black people on the television. She never thought he will make it this far, talk more of being globally cognized.

The award honored to Perry by the television Academy was given to him by Chris Rock and Oprah Winfrey.

However Oprah Winfrey and Chris Rock added to his speech .

Oprah Winfrey said that Tyler Perry has indeed done what no one has ever done, she called him a visionary. Chris on the other added that Hollywood has actually welcomed an independent Black man with open arms.

Oprah Winfrey rounded it up by saying that Tyler perry has always been a man of deep faith, he is a very high visionary who is Led by unwavering passion. He has indeed shown the world that there is always a different way to ultimate success, he always fought the unbeatable foe to go where the brave dare not cross.

 Congratulation once again Tyler Perry on youtr honourary award, we are proud of you dear.

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