Roadside mechanic reportedly ‘flees’ with customer’s car in Imo State

ROADSIDE MECHANIC: I think that the statement “Wonders shall never end “ has finally turned to an understatement , it should be wounders has finally ended o.

In a broad daylight, her car was taken away from her by a Roadside Mechanic. people are seriously desperate these days. well, I have not heard of such a thing before, I think this will serve as an eye-opener to other people out there. This is another pattern they want to come with this ember month to snatch people’s cars.

Please after reading, you can share with your friends so that they will not fail a victim of this again.

It was reported that a roadside mechanic fled with a customer’s car after repairing it. This happened in Nkwola-Eziama in Imo state community.

According to the gospel music minister who reported this incident, he said that one Mrs. Chinyere Ezeji was traveling for burial when her car broke down on the road along Amala/Eziama road.

Mrs. Chinyere Ezeji was not the only one in the car, they were on their way for a burial to their village with REV Cyril Nwaelele’s car, all of a sudden the car developed a fault on the road which made it stop.

They were os stranded because they don’t know anyone since they are not from IMO state.  All of a sudden some good Samaritans saw what was happening and offered to help, they helped them tow the car to Nkwoala-Eziama where they finally got a Roadside Mechanic.

The mechanic finally involved a technician who he believed will fix the car, the technician, Chukwudi by name from Omoku actually fixed the car, but then as the devil may have it, he told them that he will love to check the car to no if he problem/fault will still repeat again, Mrs. Chinyere Ezeji gave him the car keys, they waited till evening but they man and the car was nowhere to be found, they headed to a nearby police station to and made a report about the incident.

Mr chukwudi the technician has been declared wanted by the police. It’s a pity

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