REUNION: Ex BBNaija Housemates In The House

REUNION: Have you heard about that word called reunion before?? I guess you have, but In case you have not heard it just turn on your GOTV, Chanel 29, and see what is happening there, that is the true definition of reunion.

This year’s BBNaija had 20 housemates in the building, after several games and evictions, they are now left with just five housemates, who luckily made it to the grand finale, currently, they are having their normal Saturday party, but tonight’s party is so extraordinary just like zee world, hope you are laughing now.

Do you know why tonight’s house party is so extra-ordinary like zee world, ooh let me tell you!

Tonight’s party is so special because of their dressing code which is number one thing, the white attire that all of them are putting on is so immaculate and so sweet, so one would have received a strike or even probably disqualified tonight because of going against the rule, which states that everyone must be on white tonight, the person is no other person than VEE, while others were busy putting on their white attire, she wore the opposite, which is black.

Well, I cant still explain how she managed to come out with a white jumpsuit tonight, she just narrowly escaped the strike from Big Brother tonight

Another thing that made tonight’s party so special is the reunion, all the ex-housemates are preset in the house, except Erica. the joy and the bond they share now is more than genuine. it is so lovely to have all of them in the house tonight, their matching outfit is the beauty of it.

Well, let’s keep on watching to know who will emerge the winner of the 2022 BBNaija lockdown show. Congrats to the winner in advance,85 million naira is not a joke.

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