Nikita Dragun: After more than 5 Surgeries to look like a woman, this is how beautiful Nikita has become

Nikita Dragun: Gay or homosexuality is becoming rampant in this age. It used to be a thing of shame before but since the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) Right was passed into the bill during the administration of former President of the United States of America, President Obama, many countries have allowed the practice of homosexuality.

Nikita Dragun: After more than 5 Surgeries to look like a woman, this is how beautiful Nikita has become

In some countries where homosexuality is not allowed, the citizens opt for cross-dressing instead. Cross-dressing is a form of transgender but mostly, no surgery is needed to cross-dress. In a country like Nigeria, Gay, Lesbianism, Bisexual or even transgender is not prohibited and punishable by the law. The law does not recognize the LGBT right of any individual; therefore any LGBT Person is prone to violence because of the religious and traditional beliefs. LGBTQ Nigerians go to countries with progressive law to seek protection since the country’s constitution does not recognize it.

Any person caught involved in same-sex sexual activity in Nigeria will be punished according to the law. For the states that adopt Sharia’s Law, the punishment is death by stoning while the states under the criminal laws have a maximum of 14 years imprisonment. All these are not applicable to every country. For example, the LGBT right is recognized in most areas of the United States.

There is a famous transgender woman known as Nikita Dragun. She was born as a male child but she was never satisfied as a boy. Thus, he waited until he was old enough to make decisions for himself before he had the surgery to change his sex. Unlike, the popular cross-dresser in Nigeria, Bob Risky, this guy has done all the necessary surgeries to become a woman and it was successful. She is not a cross-dresser. She can be addressed as a female because she has all the features of a woman. She has done a breast-transplant, facial surgery, and other surgeries to complete her transgender. Now, she looks pretty than some women.

She says going up, she never felt like that she was a boy at all. She says she had always felt that she was a girl and something was missing in her life. She says that she had girls; dream and not boys’. She says that she has more feminine traits than masculine traits. She became emotional as she starts to cry that she hopes there will be a time when people in the society will not look at the gays with disgust and contempt.

Nikita Dragun says that she realized that she gets more attracted to men over years and she desperately wants to become a girl. She says that she has amazing parents because they had always known that she was more of a girl than a boy. So, they gave her their consent because they just wanted to see her happy. She says she had to move to Los Angeles, a society where she can fit in because there are other gays there.

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