Man begins trek from Kaduna to Zamfara To See Governor Matawalle

GOVERNOR MATAWALLE: Okay, now trekking is the latest trend now, we were busy talking about a guy that said that he will trek from Abuja to Lagos if Laycon wins the 2020 BBnaija reality show, while another guy Mr. Musa Umar Giwa has started his trekking journey since 24th of this month.

Musa Umar Giwa embarked on a long journey of trekking from his village in Giwa Local Government Area of Kaduna state to Zamfara just to show solidarity to Governor Bello Matawalle.

He was seen receiving a blessing from an elderly woman before leaving. After much trekking, he allegedly appealed to people to help him in prayers in order for him to see his lover Matawalle Maradun.

Man begins trek from Kaduna to Zamfara in solidarity with Governor Matawalle

How can such a thing happen without getting to the ears of Matawalle Maradun himself.  The news of this young man spread like a wildfire until the man in question heard about it.

When he heard that a young man had embarked on a trekking journey to see him, we thought that finally God has answered his prayers but his reactions were otherwise.

Governor Matawalle turned the young man down instead of compensating him for trekking from Kaduna to Zamfara to show love for him.

The Governor took to his tweeter handle on the 26th of Sep 2020 to talk to the young man.

He expressed his gratitude towards the young man, but at the same time, he instructed him to disembark on the dangerous adventure.

He continued saying that he sincerely appreciates the solidarity of the courageous young man who had chosen to suffer himself just to see him, he said that as a father, he would love to discourage him and every other young people from such a fruitless journey. he finally asked him to go back and channel his energy to a more productive activity

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