Leicester City midfielder, Wilfred Ndidi to undergo surgery on abductor injury

WILFRED NDIDI: One thing is to pay football another thing is to retire without sustaining an injury.this is one of the challenges most players have, some of them could not even return as a result of the injuries they sustained during the game.

Nevertheless, it is one of the things the players cannot run away from, they just play and pray that the match ends without anybody sustaining any injury.

Wilfred Ndidi is a well-known midfielder, he was involved Leicester’s 4-2 win over Burnley last Sunday. if anybody had told him that he will not be around in during the end of the session game, he will not believe it.

Brendan Rodgers the Leicester city coach has revealed that Wilfielder Nidi is about to undergo surgery on an abducted injury, he also said that the injuries are going to keep him sidelined for 12 weeks. This is such a long long time.

It was revealed that he got he injury last Sunday, during the Leicester’s 4-2 win over  Burnley. Wilfred Ndidi is currently In the hospital, fighting for his life, it was also revealed that the surgery will take place by tomorrow morning, this was reported by Rodges to he media on Friday ahead of Sunday match with Manchester.

We all know how much he loves football, going for the surgery is not the problem with him, his major concern is not being part of the game for up to 12 weeks. this is unbearable.

However the coach, Mr. Bredan Rodgers has promised to welcome him back whenever he fully recovers from the injury.

The club will not go o strike because of him, and because of that, the coach has chosen a French defensive midfielder Nampalys Mendy to continue holding the midfielder role in Wilfred Ndidi.

As he undergoes the surgery tomorrow morning, let’s not forget to put him in our prayer.

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