Laycon reveals he has ‘Sickle Cell’, making him and Erica trend

Big Brother Naija would have been boring without Laycon in the house. This particular guy has pulled the audience to his side because of how gifted and focused he is. He is practically friends and social to all unless of course, you ask him not to be.

One of the housemates was disqualified just because of the way she talked to him. Erica got drunk on one of their night parties and she tried to kiss Laycon. Since then it has been trending.

This actually led to her disqualification, because she insulted Laycon and other housemates as well, because of this particular guy.

The insult was not the climax, the height of everything was how Laycon was able to handle the Insults and humiliation despite the fact that Erica insulted him even to the extent of body-shaming him. Laycon was mute, he received the insults and humiliation wholeheartedly, which is why It seems like he has more audience and likes more than every other housemate.

Today being 23rd of Sep 2020,Laycon made the most shocking news ever. so sad!

The Big Brother Naija housemate, Laycon revealed that he has a milder symptom of the sickle cell anemia, the SC genotype

He went further saying that he has hemoglobin that carries symptoms similar to those of sickle cell disease, but milder.

He said that he really don’t like telling people about his health condition, because they will think that he is sick.

Laycon reveals he has 'Sickle Cell', making him and Erica trend

He actually revealed this to Dorathy, because he is very close to her.  Dorathy responded  by telling him that his health condition is the reason for his thin/slim nature.

Trust Nigerians na, they immediately took to their twitter handles to react to this revelation, they brought out the hashtag #LayconSC to trend.

The also referred back to the body-shaming incident with Erica, making the two of them to trend again.

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