Laycon And His Wins In The Big Brother Naija House Task/Games

LAYCON: When he came into the big brother Naija house he was almost unrecognized by anybody, maybe because of his stature or even how poor he looked.

Some of the housemates looked down on him, the one that got me was when I read a comment on social media on the 21st of July 2020 (two days after they came into the Big Brother house) that he looks like a thief, some even went as far as calling him a herdsman, to them it was so funny, they ended up making him an object of caricature, but to Laycon , that becomes his motivation and his reasons not to give up.

No one even saw him as a competition, talk more of making it to the finals. The most shocking part of his story is that he is not just a First class graduate in philosophy, he was also the best graduating student from the University of Lagos during his time.

They started seeing his intelligence, when he began to win in almost all the task in the house.he won all these and none of them got into his head or even stopped him from being himself.

Apart from the 30million naira cash prize and other gift items which make up the 85 million naira that he won at the end of the show yesterday, he also has more than 5 million from the in-house task.


  • Kuda task = ₦117,000
  • Amatem task =₦111,000
  • Hawai task =₦400,000
  • TomTom task =₦250,000
  • Revolution plus task=₦250,000
  • Artel Task=₦250,000
  • Indomine task= ₦270,000
  • Patricia task =$500 bitcoin
  • Showmax task= all-expense-paid trip to Cape Town in South Africa plus a one-year free subscription to show max.
  • Waw task =₦250,000
  • Travel beta task =₦250,000
  • Johnny walker task =₦1 million naira and an all-expense-paid trip to Scotland.
  • Flutter wave task =₦500,000
  • Betway task 1= ₦500,000 and a date with Don Jazzy.
  • Lipton task=₦1 million
  • Betway task 2=₦1 million

You can sum it up yourself, wow

Laycon won almost 100 million naira to himself and also 5 international al expense paid trips.

Did I tell you that he is the first housemate to be verified on Instagram, his Instagram followers that was just 3,000  jumped automatically to 1million plus followers within the space of just 2 months.

Hey, listen up, if you are still thinking that you have to be tall, handsome, curvy, and beautiful to win this game, oya receive sense and give it a trial.

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