Lady pours hot water on 8-year-old househelp for licking milk

HOUSE HELP: Don’t allow another woman to maltreat your child all because you cannot take him/her to school. Please at this point you should choose your child’s life over education because it is someone who is alive that will go to school.

The previous one was when human rights rescued a child in Enugu state where she was tied to a tree because she took some food from the pot without telling the people she was living with.

Today again, it is hot water, yes you heard me right, I said hot water. I don’t see much offense on what the poor little girl did, but I think that there are other minor punishments that this wicked woman would have given to her instead of pouring hot water in her.

I am particular about this because it happened here in Anambra state. Mr and Mrs.Ogochukwu Anichukwu has been arrested for seriously maltreating their 8-year-old house help. You can imagine, what and why will a mother give a girl of that age.

This couple Mr. and Mrs. Ogichukwu Anichukwu were arrested today by the Human Rights Initiative in Ekwulobia in Anambra state for allegedly pouring hot water on their 8-year-old house help.

The household was caught licking the milk that was meant for their baby, that is why and how she is fighting for her life now in the hospital.

When the human rights initiatives came to arrest the couple, the neighbors went ahead to also report so many things to them concerning how the couple normally maltreat the 8-year-old girl.

The neighbors have confirmed that they have seen the girl eating sand several times because of starvation, and also they say that the way the couple usually flog the girl is totally out of it. They said that she poured her hot water because the small house girl is now used to getting flogged.

However, during an interrogation section with the girl,  she said that she was locked inside a room by her madam in order to prevent her neighbors from seeing the wonder that the hot water inflicted on her.

She said that she sneaked out yesterday to get something from the backyard before she bumped into one of the neighbors who reported the issue to  Human rights.

Currently, the poor girl is receiving treatment and they have also sent a message across to her parent to come and pick their child.

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