Lady Gaga reveals that she has a mental issue Wow

34 YEARS Lady Gaga said that she has found Olanzapine a very useful drug to treat Schizophrenia and Bipolar people.

Stafani Germanotta AKA Lady Gaga revealed this about her mental health during a chat with Zane Lowe on Apple music Beat 1 Radio.

She said that she is on an antipsychotic medication because she has mental issues.

Lady Gaga reveals that she has a mental issue Wow

She went further saying I wrote a song on chromatic called 911 and the song is just about antipsychotic that I take and this because I cant control things my brain does always so I normally take the medication to prevent the process.

she said that she is aware that she has a mental issue and they can sometimes render useless as a human being.

She claimed that the medical community has used humanity to focus on something that is believed to be infinitely more important than what some people have been through,

This actually made me think about the helpers of the world, their mental states are and even how they cope not getting the help they derve she said.

She said that she is grateful for what she has because she does not lack self-awareness and as such, she understands that she is only human being on the planet that has the same issue.
The report has it that this, not the first time that she is talking about her mental state

.She revealed that she went on repeatedly on the medical process after being raped at the age of 19, leaving her with PTSD, this was when she was speaking in January 2020 in Oprah’s vision, Your Life In Tour In Florida.

Lady Gaga, said that she was evaluated by a psychiatrist, prior to her initial annoyance.
She rounded it up by saying that, she is just telling the story because, even she herself that runs the Born This Way Foundation with her mum was irritated that they had to bring a psychiatrist in to help, and that is exactly how far she is gone.

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