JUNGLE JUSTICE: Robbers Killed And Set Ablaze By Angry Mob In Calabar

JUNGLE JUSTICE Wow, this is just an eyesore, what will people gain from robbery when you know that one day you will surely be caught.

No matter how tough the country and your situation are, going into armed robbery or even taking what does not belong to you is totally out of it.

Every day they say is for the thief, but one day is surely for the owner. If anybody had told them that they will be dead by now, they might not even believe, but look at it, they were not just caught, they were set ablaze as well by the angry mob. They were not even given freedom/right to express themselves, though there is nothing to express, they lost their lives on the process.

But then, what do you have to say about  Jungle Justice, is it right or wrong.

It happened in cross river state capital yesternight, angry mobs killed two suspected armed robbers and set them ablaze.

It was reported that the incident happened along Marian Road, opposite Lion’s pack, yesterday night.

They two boys attacked and robbed a popular supermarket called Sunnytex.

The workers in the supermarket said that, around  8 pm in the evening, they noticed a strange movement in the shop, when they saw that they were robbers they kept calm.

One of them succeded in capturing the face of one of them, on seeing that what they had was a locally made gun, he signaled his colleagues, they summoned the courage to attacked them back.

Unfortunately for then the police/mob were around the premises during the time of the incident. Three of the workers from the supermarket raised alarm and attacked them, on getting to the door, the police/mob joined in chasing them.

Funny enough one of the armed rubbers joined them in shouting “thief oo” without knowing that he has been seen already. they ran through a nearby street about to escape through Rabana roundabout before they were apprehended and lynched.

The angry mot did not waste time in setting them ablaze.  What a world. @Jungle Justice

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