Iyabo Ojo: I was called blockhead academically, today I employ graduates

Iyabo Ojo: Being mocked or even having people laugh at you should be enough motivation. just keep calm and do your thing, keep your eyes on the game, and remain focused. I bet you that with time your mockers will turn to your admirers.

If you keep your mind on what you are doing you will surely not regret it. Have you ever seen Laycon’s pics the first day he entered the BBNaija house?  He was like a small beggar, he was mocked, some of the housemates made a jest of him, but guess what, he remains focused, he never allowed anything they do or say get to him, and at the end of everything, he went home with the prize, from an ordinary Lagos rapper to a celebrity.

His victory should be enough motivation and inspiration to you, though I am not talking about him, I am talking about Iyabo Ojo who has taken to the social media to advise followers/fans no to allow people to talk them down in whatever way.

Education is really good, but not everybody actually makes it in school, that’s just the fact, she said that when she was in school, she was called blocked head, maybe because those set of people did not see the greatness In her, I used that sentence “particular set of people” because I believe that it was not everybody that mocked her back then in school.

I like her final statement, she said that today she is not just ok, her children are also okay, and to crown it all, she employs graduates to work for her. this one is supposed to ring a bell to you.

Take time to discover what you are good at and then work towards it. Iyabo Ojo also revealed her plans to go back to school. wow, this is enough motivation.

Las las , passing six, no be passing sense.

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