Governor Bala Mohammed To Implement New Law Against Rapists

GOVERNOR BALA MOHAMMED: This is just good news, I still don’t know what other states are waiting to adopt this same law and punishment for anyone found guilty.

The rate at which girls are being raped and defiled has been an issue of concern to everyone, women/girls no longer go out freely because of the fear of being rape/defiled.

I made a post on how the Kaduna state governor  Mr. EL-Rufai  Implemented a law that legally permits the removal of reproductive organs from anyone both male and female found guilty of rape on the 16th of Sep 2020.

The law legally allows castration for males and the removal of fallopian tubes for women. When he first spoke about implementing this law, it was like a joke, until he implemented it early this month.

To be honest, since then, I don’t think I have come across any rape news/case in that state till date.

To our greatest surprise today, the governor of Bauchi state, Bala Mohammed, in his speech said that, just like Kaduna state, that his administration will soon amend the state’s law which permits castration and also the removal of the fallopian tube from anyone found guilty of this crime called rape.

Governor Bala Mohammed said that the rate at which rape case is increasing in the state Is becoming alarming.

Out of annoyance, he said that the violence Against Persons Prohibition bill which was recently signed into law will be taken to the state house of assembly for amendments to include the castration of rapists.

Governor Bala Mohammed revealed this when the minister of women affairs and child development, Mrs. Damm Paulen Tallen visited the Government House in Bauchi on te 24th of Sep 2020.

Their conversation went as follow;

The  VAPP law has been signed and there are some impurities there and also the implementation is going to be very hard. Will surely amend our own law to include that aspect so that castration will also be part of our own VAPP Law.

He said that this will be the best way to stop this rape issue because when he pardons a rapist, he will find out that he as a serial rapist.

This sounds good, I think all states should enforce/implement this law.

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