Dr. Rowland Uchechukwu Igwe Has Been suspended for sexual harassment

Dr. Rowland Uchechukwu Igwe: Things are really happening In this life oo, this time around it is no longer rape.

Well, I don’t think that all the fault is fro the Lecturer, the girl in question is supposed to be detained also for proper interrogation.

This is coming to you from Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE) Rivers state.

It was reported that a lecturer of the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education has been indefinitely suspended for sexually harassing a student and even getting her pregnant.

Dr. Rowland Uchechukwu Igwe is the lecturer from the department of sociology before it was like a rumor. when the girl talked about the harassment people thought that she was trying blackmail or even tarnish the image of the lecturer.

She kept quiet until she found out that she was pregnant for him, when she found out about the pregnancy, she was then bold enough to report the issue to the appropriate authority how she was sexually harassed by Dr. Rowland to the point of getting her pregnant.

After reporting to the school management, they decided to carry out their own investigation before taking the right action.

However, after several investigations,it was gathered that Dr. Rowland of the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education was guilty of the accusation laid upon him. He did not just harrases the girl in question, he also got her pregnant.

The vice-chancellor of the school, Prof  Ozo-Mekuri Ndimele who confirmed the development of this issue on his personal Facebook account, on the 24th day of September said that the undergraduate suffered health complications as a result of the harassment and pregnancy.

This made the management place the lecturer on an indefinite suspension on the allegation of serial intimidation, sexual harassment, and also undue canna knowledge of the female student which resulted in her impregnation and other health complication.

The school management has also taken the matter to the Council-Senate Committee on staff disciplinary matters for further investigation.

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