Diana Rigg, The Avengers, and Game of Thrones star dies at the age of 82

DIANA RIGG: Many things have been said about this particular movie “Game of Thrones” the film is an interesting one and just yesterday being 10th of Sep 2020, one of the major actresses who played a leading role in the movie died at 84.

Diana Rigg is an English actress, who has featured in so many movies including Avengers and the game of Thrones. She is well known for exceeding roles in all her movie. some people are actually talented.

Many of her fans were in doubt until her best friend Lionel Larner confirmed her death, she said that she died a peaceful death because she lived the last months of her life as if she will not see the next day.

She also described how kind and generous Diana Rig her friend was to her and to everybody around her, this makes her demise leave a void in people’s heart.

Diana Rigg was blessed with Rachael Sterling (Her Daughter), who happens to also be an actress, she is the one that revealed the actual cause of her mother’s death.

Rachael Sterling in her speech said that her mother Diana Rigg was diagnosed of cancer since March, when she (Rigg) saw the result, she vowed to make the remaining time she had on this earth a fun-filled one, this explained why her friend Lionel said that she died a peaceful death.

Diana Rig was rewarded in the 1960s for her leading and prominence role as Emma Peel in the Avengers, she also played the role of Lady Olenna Tyrell in HBO smash which hit the famous Game Of Thrones.

Not just that, in 1969 on Her Majesty’s Secret Service, she acted as Teresa Di Vicenzo/Tracey Bond, James Bond’s first and only wife.

She has won countless awards, she won BAFTA Award as the best actress for the BBC   miniseries Mother Love in 1989, she also won an Emmy Award for her leading role in Adaptation of Rebecca as Mrs.Danvers  in 1997.

May her gentle soul rest in peace.

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