Dettol Cool Announces Odion Ighalo As New Brand Ambassador

Wow, see who Dettol company has chosen as their brand new ambassador, Odion Ighalo.

Today Sep 11th, 2020, the Dettol company, one of Nigeria’s leading hygiene brands has announced to the public of who they have chosen to be their brand new ambassador Mr. Odion Ighalo.

Odion Ighalo, a Manchester uniter striker has taken to his tweeter handle to share the great news, he said that as a footballer he shares many similar values with the Dettol Cool brand.

He said that staying healthy and also germ-free has been a part of his life ever since he was a little boy.

Staying protected and safe from germs, keeping fit and healthy, and also being the best in everything he does are the core values he shares in common with the brand.

He said that nothing feels good more than the minty freshness that comes immediately after bathing with the new Dettol cool soap, this alone made him express his excitement for the deal.

Odion Ighalo went on to describe the content of the soap, he said that the new Dettol cool soap is made up of trusted Dettol protection against 99.9% odor-causing germs, with an extra burst of menthol freshness which helps to protect and refresh Nigerians as they go through their normal activities.

Being one of the most popular and reputable brands globally, Dettol company has contributed greatly during the lockdown, by donating their products as one of the means to help eradicate the virus and also to stay self in good health.

Odion ighalo , expressed his happiness over the new deal with Dettol company and he also promised to put in his best as usual in order to fully represent the company. wow, what an amazing offer.

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