Danny Drinkwater: ‘I need an anchor to sort out my life’ – Chelsea player, Danny Drinkwater opens up on his struggles after club snubs him ahead of the new season

If you are not a football fan, you will hardly believe that  ” Danny Drinkwater” name is a player’s name.

Danny Drinkwater finally voiced out on his struggles after the club snubbed him ahead of the new premier league season.

Danny Drinkwater has been experiencing a hard time ever since he moved to Stamford Bridge, he has been suffering from a lot of scandal since then.

He was really pained when he heard that Thiago Silver will be the one to take up his former number six jersey.

Danny Drinkwater was charged for drink-driving plus an incident that happened in a night club that involved him.

It was also revealed that he headbutted a team-mate while on loan at Aston villa., those are the charges placed against him, which brought about him being snubbed and also not being in the forthcoming campaign with a new signing.

This news came as a shock to Danny Drinkwater, and in his speech today he vowed to clean himself up, because he is currently in a total mess.

He said:

I have been looking at my self lately and I found out that I needed to clean up big time.

After the three were charges placed on me, I immediately became conscious of myself.

He revealed that he has not been mentally stable because his dog and granddad passed out almost the same time, wow, this explains why he has not been a regular player in the club lately.

He revealed that everything just happened within a short space, he also planned to travel out to fix himself, he also said that for him to patch his life, that he will need an anchor to help him through the process before he will be able to sort his football career out. Wow what a name ,its funny.

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