Charles Nkubi kills his wife’s lover after he caught them In His matrimonial Bed

CHARLES NKUBI; Manslaughter or murder an ex-convict is always an ex-convict, though he killed the man out of anger, I don’t think he is supposed to go to jail for his action.

Every other man in his shoes will do the same if not more than what he did. There are some things that are supposed to be sacred, I mean things that are supposed to be respected no matter what.

Well, she is supposed to have made proper arrangements before doing that. If she had insisted on doing it in another place, maybe it wouldn’t have gotten to this extent.

It has been revealed that Mr. Charles Nkubi from Uganda has been arrested for killing a man after he caught him having sex with his wife inside their matrimonial home/bed.

From the news, it was gathered that the deceased is in his  20s, was caught having canal knowledge of Mrs. Nowerina Nassozi,32,( just check out the age bracket) when her husband, Nkubi,50, walked into the house and saw her on their matrimonial bed with her lover. Out of anger he picked up a stick and hit it several times on the man’s head, unfortunately, the man died instantly.

Mr. Luke Owoyesigyire who confirmed the case said that Mr. Nkubi has been arrested by Kampala Metropolitan Police for murder. He was arrested and detained in order to determine the offenses against the suspect (whether the act was a crime of passion or intentional.)

During interrogation, Mr. Nkubi admitted that he hit the man out of anger, I can actually imagine the anger and betrayal on his heart that made him hit him so hard.

Meanwhile, the wife Mrs. Nassozzi is still missing, because she ran away when her husband was hitting her lover.

It’s a pity, bringing a man into your matrimonial home is such a stupid thing to think of, now Mr. Nkubi may be going to jail because of what his wife has brought upon him

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