CHADWICK BOSEMAN: “When We All Vote”- Could This Have Been Chadwick’s Last Wish?

CHADWICK BOSEMAN:  The whole world is still battling with the shock of Chadwick Boseman’s death, the hero of Black Panther, the movie that many people believed was a wake-up call for Africa as a race.

The death of the actor was announced by his family via his official Twitter page on the 29th of August 2020 , and since then his fans and movie lovers have been mourning his untimely departure.

Chadwick died at his home yesterday of complications from colon cancer in the presence of his family members. But there is something quite intriguing about Chadwick’s life. He was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 2016, but he kept it away from the public. He battled cancer alone, probably because he didn’t want public sympathy.

He underwent chemotherapy without letting the world know. He shot movies with cancer. Chadwick Boseman became a global sensation after he did Black Panther, even though he had cancer.

Other movies he did even while battling with the deadly ailment were – Marshall, Avengers: Infinity Wars, Avengers: Endgame, 21 Bridges, Day 5 Bloods, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, etc. He won the NAACP Image Awards and a Screen Actors Guild Awards for his outstanding performance in Black Panther. He was such a strong and brave man. He achieved all these even while battling colon cancer.

And in 2020 cancer progressed into stage IV. I remember a few months ago how the internet community trolled Chadwick Boseman for his tremendous weight loss after he released a video online, little did the world know what he was passing through.

The whole world has been pouring in their condolence messages since the news of his death reached everyone, with everyone only having pleasant things to say about him. His co-actors in Black Panther and the Avengers series expressed their shock in their condolence messages for him. The world has truly lost a legend!

But there is a post that Chadwick made last on his official Twitter page, where he showed a photo of himself and the Democratic vice presidential nominee for the US election, Kamala Harris, with the caption, “When We All Vote.” With that, he had declared his support for Kamala, and had asked Americans to vote for the Democrats during the November 3rd presidential election.

Kamala Harris brought this to the consciousness of Americans when she shared the photo on her Twitter page with a touching message for Chadwick.

In her tribute, she described him as her friend and fellow. And also added that even though Chadwick left at such an early age of 43, it is a good thing that his life made a big difference.

Reposting Chadwick’s last Twitter post has made many people wonder if this was actually the late actor’s last wish? And will this have anything to do with the coming presidential election? Will Chadwick’s millions of fans in America go all out to vote for the Democrats as a way of fulfilling Chadwick’s last wish?

It is a funny thing that Chadwick’s death has now been woven with politics, but we cannot yet say the influence his death will have in the coming elections. He had millions of fans in America, especially after doing Black Panther and the Avengers series. He was a hero to black Americans because with his films he brought the black race hope.

And if these loyal fans come to see his last words on Twitter as his last wish, then we might actually be seeing a good number of Americans giving their votes to the Democrats as a way of fulfilling their hero’s last wish.

Look at some of the reactions that followed the post the photo that Kamala Harris shared on Twitter.

You can see from the reactions that many Americans are already thinking that voting for Joe Biden/Kamala Harris will be a way of honoring Chadwick, their hero.

Though some people have condemned the act of using the late actor’s death to bolster political votes or using it as political exploitation. But trust politicians, it is ideal for every major event in the world to be politicized.

But then even though this was Chadwick Boseman’s last wish or not, all we have to say is “Rest in peace”. He was truly the greatest black actor Africans knew. He made the entire black race proud with Black Panther, and history will forever remember him.

So do you think that Chadwick’s last wish was for Americans to vote for the Democrats? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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