AKIN ALABI When you get the chance to work with high network people, don’t tell them your life problems

AKIN ALABI: Yea actually ,many people are victims of this kind of dubious life, In this life, nobody actually owes you anything, everybody actually has his or her own problems, some don’t even have anybody to complain to , while others keep on telling everyone their personal issues , this makes them expect too much from people .

In life don’t blame people for disappointing you, rather blame yourself for expecting too much from them.

Today being 21st of Sep 2020, Oyo state Federal lawmaker, Mr. Akin Alabi could no longer hold it anymore so he dished out advice  to those hoping to secure a job with high network people.

In his speech today he said that family problems should be left out of any conversation whenever anyone gets that chance of working for or with a high network people.

He said that in whatever firm you find yourself, that your major role there is to get the job done and get paid , then go your way.

He said that those high network people or rich people have their own issues as well, you don’t discuss anything about personal issues with them unless you were asked, he added.

AKIN ALABI When you get the chance to work with high network people, don’t tell them your life problems

He went on saying that If anyone you call for any sort of work or home service, just get down to the job, then take your money and leave, don’t go bombarding them with your life issues, because their own issues might be more than your own.

Akin Alabi finalized by saying that people should stop being or feeling entitled, do your work, get paid, and face your issues,by giving them your best and making them your longterm customers, a personal relationship may come out, that will be the right time to ask or say something about your personal life.

When you ask, and you don’t receive , it does not in any way makes them bad people , don’t go about monitoring how they spend their money, it is their money and m=not yours

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