A security man suffocates after reportedly sleeping with his Facemask on.

FACEMASK: COVID-19 has possed a very big challenge to the world. Many things has happened and are still happening as a result of the deadly virus.

Today being 6th of Sep,2020, a security guard named Solomon Ede died after he sleeping with his face mask his working place in the Aroko area of Abeokuta, Ogun State on the 28th of August 2020.

It was reported that Solomon was known in his area for not failing to wear his facemask as part of the way to prevent himself from contracting the deadly virus.

On that same 28th of August, he was spotted drinking in a bar, after that he went home with his facemask on and he allegedly slept with it.

His dead body was found lying face down, which suggests that he died of suffocation from the face mask.

At first, nobody knew that he was dead, neighbors who came to fetch water from the compound knocked at the gate of the building, but late Mr. Ede did not come out to open the gate for them to fetch water.

Security man suffocates after reportedly sleeping with his Facemask on.

It was reported that the noise from the gate alerted late Mr. Ede’s boss. he quickly opened the gate for the neighbors, when they were done fetching water, he decided to check Mr. Ede immediately.

When he got to his room, he found out that the his door was locked from inside. After calling him several times, he forced the door open, and to his greatest surprise, he found late Mr. Ede lying face down on his bed still wearing his facemask.

His boss reported the case to a police division at Kemta, Idi Aba. The neighbors testified that they saw him that same evening taking alcoholic in a nearby bar.

Others said that his drink might have been poisoned, but after a thorough investigation, it concluded that he died after being choked by the facemask

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