2020 BBNaija Reality Show, Who Is Going Home With The Money.

Yes, oo, today one thing must happen, a winner must emerge from the 2020 BBNaija Reality show.

The  2020 BBNaija reality show will be coming to an end today, I still maintain that 85 million naira is not a joke.

Let me brief you about what happened after yesternight’s reunion party.

After the party, Nengi was seen crying seriously, when the remaining housemates asked her what her problem was she said that Ozo ignored her during the party, even when she tried talking to him, Nengi said that after the show, that whatever she had or has with Ozo is over, and my question is, does she really had/have anything with Ozo, you can answer that in the comment section.

As a result of that same party Yesterday night, Kiddiwaya unfollowed Nengi on Instagram, because Nengi said that she would not have anything to do with him because he is a dirty boy, Nawa ooo. This is so serious oo.

Coming down to tonight’s great event we have just Five Housemates who have made it to the grand finale and the scariest part of it is that out of the five remaining housemates, only one person will go home with that huge amount of money, so which housemate is going home with that 85 million naira tonight.

Is it gonna be Dorathy, or Nengi, or Neo, or Vee, or Laycon, well if I am to predict I will go for Laycon , but as they say, you cannot predict Big Brother, so everybody is still on a state of a dilemma because they don’t know what the outcome will be tonight.

But deep down, that Guy Laycon has made a name for himself, just because of the way he handled the fight between him and Erica which led to her disqualification

Ooh, I forgot to tell you that Erica was absent from yesterday’s party, we will soon update you with the reason behind her absence.

Once again, a very big congrats to the winner of the 2020 BBNaija reality show.

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